Erdemar S. Tayag,

Bellevue Staff / Director

Administrative / Therapists

My name is Erdemar S. Tayag, PT, DPT, GCS. I lived in Vancouver, BC for a decade and just moved to King County 5 years ago, continuing to enjoy living in the Pacific Northwest. I worked in another PT outpatient clinic for 5 years and was able to help lots of patients with various cases and different physical impairments, dysfunctions and disabilities. I am the new Clinical Director of EPIC Physical Therapy, Health & Performance- READ MORE...

Bellevue's Facility & Friendly Atmosphere

Bellevue's Facility & Friendly Atmosphere

Nutrition is Important in rehab.

Our facility encompasses state of the art equipment and training on those devices and apparatus. All of our Physical Therapists can help you gain greater mobility.

If you are in need of specialized physical therapy we can discuss and gladly services any of those needs, speak with our Clinic Director or one of their Staff to discuss your course of Rehabilatation.

Nutrition and exercise and physical therapy programs go hand in hand - it is vital for you to make sure that you are eating foods that will enhance your physical therapy program. Speak to your Therapist for resources to find Nutritional guidance in your daily diet.

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